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It’s kind of difficult to remember that only a few years ago, computers were special equipment. These days, nearly every job at the office revolves around a PC. It’s what everyone uses to communicate, research, analyze, type… The whole business runs on them. It’s essential that everyone’s computer is working properly and is totally up-to-date. But as you know, this can get expensive. The hardware, the software, the maintenance costs— and every few years you have to update everything. For a small company, this can be financially debilitating, but you may feel like you have to keep spending so you don’t fall behind.

Here’s some good news: there are other options. One of the most popular and cost-saving approach is virtualization. Basically, your company will have one central computer with a real operFeatured imageating system installed and running off its hardware. This computer is called the “virtual machine monitor,” and it acts as a controller for the other computers on the network. These other computers access “virtual” copies of the operating system. There is not local software; each program communicates with the central computer.

Yet from the point of view of anyone using the virtual machines, these “guest operating systems” feel exactly like the real thing. They can run pretty much any program or application that a standard operating system can, and there’s no delay or other indication that it’s not built into the computer.

And most importantly, it saves you a lot of money. No longer will you have to pay for a copy of programs for every individual computer. When everything is virtual, you can easily share items. Updating also becomes a simple, one-step process. With a fleet of virtual machines, maintenance is easier than ever. If a problem arises, it won’t be on a single computer; it will be with the whole network. If you can keep the virtual machine monitor running properly, everything is smooth sailing.

At Pharr Technologies, we strive to facilitate a smooth transition into virtualization. We’ll set everything up for you to your specifications. Your employees might not even notice the change. With our managed IT services, we can continue to monitor your computer network in case of any issues. If there is a problem, our 24 hour tech support team can resolve it immediately. It’s some of the best IT support in Gastonia without the cost of a full time department.

If you think your company might be ready to make the leap into virtualization, call us today. We’re excited to help you out.