The printer isn’t working. It’s like a joke from a workplace sitcom. It’s funny because it’s true—and it feels like it’s true a lot. A printer is an annoying combination of fickle and constantly necessary. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on it, the printer is always going to break, and someone is going to have to step away from his or her job to get on the phone with a specialist/shake it until it starts working. These situations may make great fodder for a TV show, but in the real world they waste time and money, and in a small business, you don’t have much of either to spare.

Outside of hiring an in-office IT department for tech support, what can you do? At Pharr Technologies, we offer Managed Printing Services to help solve your printing issues. First, we’ll evaluate your printing situation and insure that you have the most efficient set up. Some appliances and supplies may be cheaper in the short run, but they may use more power, or they may run out more quickly. Our experienced technicians can recommend upgrades that will reduce your monthly printer costs and save you money in the long run. We also train your employees how to take full advantage of your technology for the most efficient use. You’d be surprised how many office workers don’t know how to do double sided printing—maybe your employees! Think of how much paper that would save. We also keep track of your supplies and restock everything you’ll need. That’s one less thing for your employees to worry about.

Once everything is installed, we remotely monitor your printers and look for potential malfunctions before they happen. We keep track of which printers and supplies are causing the greatest inefficiencies, and we’re always proactive in solving problems. When something does break, we’ll be there in no time to fix the problem. No more waiting on the phone, no more turning it off and turning it back on, no more guesswork. It’s like having a full time IT department without the cost!

Printing support is just one of the many managed IT services we provide at Pharr Technologies. We offer a wide range of plans to provide small businesses with the kinds of resources once only possible at a large company. For computer support, network solutions, data protection and more, call us today.