Running a small or mid-sized business is great. With a smaller business, you have a lot more flexibility. There’s no elaborate hierarchy imposing regulation and bureaucracy. If something needs to change, you can change it quickly. When the world calls for innovation, you’re not bound by massive overhead costs or entire departments of workers set in their ways; you’re free to innovate. And most importantly, smaller businessesFeatured image give you the power to create what you care about and run business the way you know best. This is why there are more small businesses than ever, and they’re an important part of our economy.

But there’s one advantage that your larger competitors will always have over you, and that’s their ability to take advantage of economies of scale. They make larger purchases, so they can get better deals. When you buy coffee for your office, you’re getting boxes from the grocery store. When a big company buys coffee, they buy it in bulk, so their coffee costs per employee are lower. The same principle applies to technology. Big companies can afford to staff full time IT department to keep all of their technology running smoothly. A single repair for them costs relatively little, but for you it can be substantial. This puts you at a real disadvantage.

That’s where managed IT services come in. At Pharr Technologies, we provide the extensive, round-the-clock tech support of an in-house IT department without the cost. This is the perfect solution for a small or mid-sized company. For a low, fixed monthly rate, our specialists proactively monitor all of your essential systems, including hardware and software, to insure that everything runs smoothly and works together. Our support team is available 24/7 for immediate repairs.

We have many services to improve your technology infrastructure. We offer personalized data backup solutions. Accidents happen, and a loss of data could paralyze your company. An effective backup system is essential, but they can get pricy and cumbersome. We can eliminate the risk for you by keeping secure copies of your files on our offsite servers. In the event of an emergency, we can have your files recovered within minutes!

We can also work with you to improve computer efficiency in your office. Our cloud computing networks can be a flexible and cost-effective way to centrally store files. We can even help convert your office into a network of virtual operating systems, cutting down on hardware and software updating costs. These are just a few of the ways Pharr Technologies can give you the advantages once only possible in large businesses. If you’re tired of the headaches that come with computers, give us a call, and get back to focusing on what matters.