How many hours are spent on IT issues while your normal everyday work is still waiting for you? Would you have an easier and more productive work environment if an outside company took care of your IT management for you? The managed IT services that Pharr Technologies produces will reduce the hassles and costs associated with trying to manage and support your IT. This allows you to be able to focus on your business more. Apart from the initial investment, the costs of running your own business hardware can be costly. As new technology develops, the required upgrades cost more money. This can add up over the course of your business. For one low monthly rate, Pharr Technologies offers the newest technology, service, and support.

Loss of information due to flood, fire, or system meltdown is a very real scenario and it does happen. Without a backup data and recovery program, a business can lose everything. This could cut your contact with customers and vendors, a factor that could put your business to a halt.

The reliability of Pharr Technologies is unparalleled; let this credible and reliable company take care of your IT needs. In case of disaster or meltdown, we can provide secure backup copies of your IT infrastructure from our off site data centers, give access to your backup files though dedicated servers, a monthly plan that will save you money, and a clone copy of your data that can be used for data recovery within minutes in the event of an emergency.  Even if your business is completely destroyed, your backup files are stored away from your physical location. No matter what, Pharr Technologies has you covered. Data and software backups occur every fifteen minutes. And what about hackers or system crashes? Proper data support is the preventative maintenance needed for any successful business.

The customers are the number one priority. Providing excellent service and impressing at every opportunity is very important to this operation. Cameron Corder, CEO of the Cleveland County Family YMCA says, Pharr Technologies has been a great partner for the YMCA. They have been instrumental as we have navigated fast growth…We view the entire team at Pharr as more than a vendor. We see them as a partner.” This is just one happy customer of many. To see these words really says so much about a company.

Pharr Technologies makes things easy. No need for rack space, setup, storage, licensing, or maintenance.  You will also have 24/7 support available to you, always monitoring and always protecting.

The continual benefits from our cloud computing management are what make Pharr Technologies a cut above the rest. There is no initial capital investment, the ability to scale up or down to how your business needs change, and no additional IT staff needed. The amount of time you save will pay for these services.