Virtually Perfect


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It’s kind of difficult to remember that only a few years ago, computers were special equipment. These days, nearly every job at the office revolves around a PC. It’s what everyone uses to communicate, research, analyze, type… The whole business runs on them. It’s essential that everyone’s computer is working properly and is totally up-to-date. But as you know, this can get expensive. The hardware, the software, the maintenance costs— and every few years you have to update everything. For a small company, this can be financially debilitating, but you may feel like you have to keep spending so you don’t fall behind.

Here’s some good news: there are other options. One of the most popular and cost-saving approach is virtualization. Basically, your company will have one central computer with a real operFeatured imageating system installed and running off its hardware. This computer is called the “virtual machine monitor,” and it acts as a controller for the other computers on the network. These other computers access “virtual” copies of the operating system. There is not local software; each program communicates with the central computer.

Yet from the point of view of anyone using the virtual machines, these “guest operating systems” feel exactly like the real thing. They can run pretty much any program or application that a standard operating system can, and there’s no delay or other indication that it’s not built into the computer.

And most importantly, it saves you a lot of money. No longer will you have to pay for a copy of programs for every individual computer. When everything is virtual, you can easily share items. Updating also becomes a simple, one-step process. With a fleet of virtual machines, maintenance is easier than ever. If a problem arises, it won’t be on a single computer; it will be with the whole network. If you can keep the virtual machine monitor running properly, everything is smooth sailing.

At Pharr Technologies, we strive to facilitate a smooth transition into virtualization. We’ll set everything up for you to your specifications. Your employees might not even notice the change. With our managed IT services, we can continue to monitor your computer network in case of any issues. If there is a problem, our 24 hour tech support team can resolve it immediately. It’s some of the best IT support in Gastonia without the cost of a full time department.

If you think your company might be ready to make the leap into virtualization, call us today. We’re excited to help you out.


Managed Print Services



The printer isn’t working. It’s like a joke from a workplace sitcom. It’s funny because it’s true—and it feels like it’s true a lot. A printer is an annoying combination of fickle and constantly necessary. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on it, the printer is always going to break, and someone is going to have to step away from his or her job to get on the phone with a specialist/shake it until it starts working. These situations may make great fodder for a TV show, but in the real world they waste time and money, and in a small business, you don’t have much of either to spare.

Outside of hiring an in-office IT department for tech support, what can you do? At Pharr Technologies, we offer Managed Printing Services to help solve your printing issues. First, we’ll evaluate your printing situation and insure that you have the most efficient set up. Some appliances and supplies may be cheaper in the short run, but they may use more power, or they may run out more quickly. Our experienced technicians can recommend upgrades that will reduce your monthly printer costs and save you money in the long run. We also train your employees how to take full advantage of your technology for the most efficient use. You’d be surprised how many office workers don’t know how to do double sided printing—maybe your employees! Think of how much paper that would save. We also keep track of your supplies and restock everything you’ll need. That’s one less thing for your employees to worry about.

Once everything is installed, we remotely monitor your printers and look for potential malfunctions before they happen. We keep track of which printers and supplies are causing the greatest inefficiencies, and we’re always proactive in solving problems. When something does break, we’ll be there in no time to fix the problem. No more waiting on the phone, no more turning it off and turning it back on, no more guesswork. It’s like having a full time IT department without the cost!

Printing support is just one of the many managed IT services we provide at Pharr Technologies. We offer a wide range of plans to provide small businesses with the kinds of resources once only possible at a large company. For computer support, network solutions, data protection and more, call us today.

Small Business, Big Ideas



Running a small or mid-sized business is great. With a smaller business, you have a lot more flexibility. There’s no elaborate hierarchy imposing regulation and bureaucracy. If something needs to change, you can change it quickly. When the world calls for innovation, you’re not bound by massive overhead costs or entire departments of workers set in their ways; you’re free to innovate. And most importantly, smaller businessesFeatured image give you the power to create what you care about and run business the way you know best. This is why there are more small businesses than ever, and they’re an important part of our economy.

But there’s one advantage that your larger competitors will always have over you, and that’s their ability to take advantage of economies of scale. They make larger purchases, so they can get better deals. When you buy coffee for your office, you’re getting boxes from the grocery store. When a big company buys coffee, they buy it in bulk, so their coffee costs per employee are lower. The same principle applies to technology. Big companies can afford to staff full time IT department to keep all of their technology running smoothly. A single repair for them costs relatively little, but for you it can be substantial. This puts you at a real disadvantage.

That’s where managed IT services come in. At Pharr Technologies, we provide the extensive, round-the-clock tech support of an in-house IT department without the cost. This is the perfect solution for a small or mid-sized company. For a low, fixed monthly rate, our specialists proactively monitor all of your essential systems, including hardware and software, to insure that everything runs smoothly and works together. Our support team is available 24/7 for immediate repairs.

We have many services to improve your technology infrastructure. We offer personalized data backup solutions. Accidents happen, and a loss of data could paralyze your company. An effective backup system is essential, but they can get pricy and cumbersome. We can eliminate the risk for you by keeping secure copies of your files on our offsite servers. In the event of an emergency, we can have your files recovered within minutes!

We can also work with you to improve computer efficiency in your office. Our cloud computing networks can be a flexible and cost-effective way to centrally store files. We can even help convert your office into a network of virtual operating systems, cutting down on hardware and software updating costs. These are just a few of the ways Pharr Technologies can give you the advantages once only possible in large businesses. If you’re tired of the headaches that come with computers, give us a call, and get back to focusing on what matters.

Reduce the Hassle – Reduce the Cost

How many hours are spent on IT issues while your normal everyday work is still waiting for you? Would you have an easier and more productive work environment if an outside company took care of your IT management for you? The managed IT services that Pharr Technologies produces will reduce the hassles and costs associated with trying to manage and support your IT. This allows you to be able to focus on your business more. Apart from the initial investment, the costs of running your own business hardware can be costly. As new technology develops, the required upgrades cost more money. This can add up over the course of your business. For one low monthly rate, Pharr Technologies offers the newest technology, service, and support.

Loss of information due to flood, fire, or system meltdown is a very real scenario and it does happen. Without a backup data and recovery program, a business can lose everything. This could cut your contact with customers and vendors, a factor that could put your business to a halt.

The reliability of Pharr Technologies is unparalleled; let this credible and reliable company take care of your IT needs. In case of disaster or meltdown, we can provide secure backup copies of your IT infrastructure from our off site data centers, give access to your backup files though dedicated servers, a monthly plan that will save you money, and a clone copy of your data that can be used for data recovery within minutes in the event of an emergency.  Even if your business is completely destroyed, your backup files are stored away from your physical location. No matter what, Pharr Technologies has you covered. Data and software backups occur every fifteen minutes. And what about hackers or system crashes? Proper data support is the preventative maintenance needed for any successful business.

The customers are the number one priority. Providing excellent service and impressing at every opportunity is very important to this operation. Cameron Corder, CEO of the Cleveland County Family YMCA says, Pharr Technologies has been a great partner for the YMCA. They have been instrumental as we have navigated fast growth…We view the entire team at Pharr as more than a vendor. We see them as a partner.” This is just one happy customer of many. To see these words really says so much about a company.

Pharr Technologies makes things easy. No need for rack space, setup, storage, licensing, or maintenance.  You will also have 24/7 support available to you, always monitoring and always protecting.

The continual benefits from our cloud computing management are what make Pharr Technologies a cut above the rest. There is no initial capital investment, the ability to scale up or down to how your business needs change, and no additional IT staff needed. The amount of time you save will pay for these services.